Aug 11, 2009

Shimla Moments!!!

Young and beautiful were we,
Escaping into the wilderness of our dreams.
Visions of you and me with music to fill our hearts.
Faraway we flew in our minds
Illusions for no tomorrow.

My short trip to Shimla this April. And some random shots that I feel came out well. Oh and I finally found out how to post large size images thanks to this site. It took me a long long time and finally succeeded through many trials and tribulations. And I am finally jumping with joy!!!

My beautiful niece who is an amazing model!!!

And of course the young and handsome Indian jawans on a drill!!!

Finally some cheerful happy mischievous faces!!!


joshi daniel said...

very cool, lovely and pleasant images!

Anonymous said...

oooh! your niece is so, so, so adorable!!!
- Anitha