Mar 28, 2010

If Not For Fun!!!

We had an amazing night dancing away to all music…hip-hop, house, electronic, bhangra and bollywood (yeechh)…Its crazy how Saturday nights can be really CRAZY. However there’s a sad part to 5 star discos – the superficial, pretentious, show-off arrogant so-called ‘upper class’ crowd. How more fake can you be!!! They would come in their jazziest cars, in their designer clothes, sipping on the most expensive cocktails and wine and yet glare at you ‘cos you may look or dress a little different from them. It’s depressing how ignorant and puny their brains are when it comes to embracing things outside their realm, of understanding of the world.

I think I have always preferred a smaller warmer clubs tucked away in some corner, where people are real and friendlier. And you are not bothered whether you are being scrutinised ‘cos you really aren’t, at such places.

But the fun part was the ‘click click’ that went on before we left.

The cheesiest pose ever...and out-dated!!! But we did it, being girls that we are.

My friend who always manages to look good in anything...even in the simplest of clothes.

Wearing my DIY headband, pouch-belt I got from goa years back, and of course my newly-painted boots.


Vintage Obsession said...

Your clothes --yummy:))
P.S you have the best collection of boots or what?:)

Taj Acosta said...

Sounds like a great night! Looking fab! xoxo

garakami said...

Lol, the Charlie's Angels pose! I'm too young to step out on the clubbing scene, but I can only imagine how much of a pain it is to try and have a good time with your girls and you're only being watched over sulkily by a group of people who can only be classified as spoiled. Spoiled about everything. Even spoiled in the head, like a barren breadfruit.