Dec 20, 2008

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Just Another Day

I am running out of clothes as I am still travelling and therefore stuck with my limited set of wardrobe...well another belt pouch of mine. Not so hot but lovely colour. Cool Goa shopping 2007. Well, looks like I will be missing out on that fun this year.

Dec 19, 2008

Stylishly Handy

The weather here is getting to be sunny for a couple of days...and things have been really frantic lately (not to dwell on that, on a lazy Thursday afternoon at work right after a heavy lunch...yummy I would'nt say!!!)...These were taken some crazy nights back...Not great clothes but I guess it's the belt pouch (which goes everywhere with me) that persuaded me to post them...Oh and it takes in as many stuff as possible. Cool Goa shopping 2006.

(PS: I have been noticing that the images on my posts seem to be compressed from the height thus giving a slightly distorted look...ha ha...does anybody know the solution to that??well I guess I just have to stretch them manually for the time being).

Dec 2, 2008

Yellow in the Rain

Lately I have been obsessed with this pair of yellow leg warmers which was given by my sister from China. And fortunately the weather here has been gloomy and rainy so I have had the chance to flaunt these beauties. And the best part is I can wear them with anything and evrything. The faded pink converse just my favorite. I have worn them to death. Also courtesy my sister.

I am not so sure about these hued bad quality photographs but I guess they should just do for the time being. The backless dress is from Paharganj, Delhi. The assymetrical hemline is crazily beautiful - not so obvious here.