Sep 29, 2010

A Different View That Amuses Me

Everything is new and different. I have got a lot to learn yet in many ways.
I am awed by the fashion scene here. Its like this whole new discovery thats blown me away. Exciting and beautiful.

A couple I captured in the streets of Changchun.
Enjoying my trip to China so far. Only drawback is there are some sites that are not accessible (my blog too!!!), which is quite a menace sometimes. Nevertheless, more streetstyle coming up soon.

Sep 7, 2010

Far Beyond I Will Watch Over

Oh, I miss it all!!!

Colour is here. And so is my life.

Psychedelic returns. Raves in forests. On beaches.

‘The Doors’ movie, a discography now.

Soft rain falling on smiles.

Tears no more, so they say. I am yet to feel.

With wolves to warm a stormy Delhi night .