Dec 20, 2010

You Know What All Girls Say...

Some cute teens chilling in the sun, before the freezing snowy winter set in.

Sep 29, 2010

A Different View That Amuses Me

Everything is new and different. I have got a lot to learn yet in many ways.
I am awed by the fashion scene here. Its like this whole new discovery thats blown me away. Exciting and beautiful.

A couple I captured in the streets of Changchun.
Enjoying my trip to China so far. Only drawback is there are some sites that are not accessible (my blog too!!!), which is quite a menace sometimes. Nevertheless, more streetstyle coming up soon.

Sep 7, 2010

Far Beyond I Will Watch Over

Oh, I miss it all!!!

Colour is here. And so is my life.

Psychedelic returns. Raves in forests. On beaches.

‘The Doors’ movie, a discography now.

Soft rain falling on smiles.

Tears no more, so they say. I am yet to feel.

With wolves to warm a stormy Delhi night .

Jul 27, 2010

Spreading More Love Around

I got this beautiful award from the lovely Fernanda Dauphine from I always enjoy her blog - check her out!!!

Here are the fun steps:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Copy the award and put it on the blog
3. Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered
4. Let these 15 people know that you've given them an award

There are so many amazing blogs that I could pass on this award to...well here are my favourites:
1. Orchid Style (She's very talented and I love her hippie style)
2. Gorgeousglam (Awesome posts all the time with beautiful inspiring images)
3. Nukleopatra (Eccentric make-up to make you go "wow")
4. Anniespandex (Very bright and unique style, I love her constant indoor backdrop in all her shots)
5. She is Sara (You cannot find another cuter girl than her, with the cutest style)
6. Turpentine Kisses (Love her art/drawing - curious about her as a person)
7. Clothedmuch (Sassy and feminine)
8. Daniellebarbe (She's a rocker. She's hot. She's awesome)
9. Allthatlace (She's so pretty and all colors/outfits looks happy on her)
10. Inherstilettos (Love her style, her hour-glass figure and her long legs)
11. Fashionbyhe (If you want a good laugh and also more insights on good fashion trends, here's HE)
12. Foreverboho (Inspiring bohemian/hippie style)
13. Marcel Zaugg (A magician in photography: in love with his work that I could propose to him)
14. Psynopsis (Admire her ability to make the simplest of clothes look stylish and tasteful, added with interesting layouts and shots)
15. Prettyportobello (enigmatic personality with great fashion style)

Jul 15, 2010


One dark day, I picked up my untouched pencil and started drawing lines...and shapes...this is after years
and years of abandoning my passion for drawing. I thought I have lost it.

I love Manga art but I think its what everybody has been doing I have always stayed away from it.
But my style is definitely similar to, adventurous and all about fantasy.

Jun 20, 2010

Cool Hot Summer With Lime Ricki swimsuit

There's a cool giveaway contest from Elaine (from Clothed Much) and Lime Ricki Modest Swimwear which looks really exciting to enter. Please do check out the rules of how to be the lucky WINNER. Wink!!!

Really hot hot summer to actually want me to do anything but just laze around the house...quick posts of some of my old t-shirts that I painted 5-6 years back...the rose with the butterfly was my favorite then.

Jun 9, 2010

A Night With Yves Larock!!!



My forever sweet friend and I photographed by Rahul Lal. Check out his cool photoblog "".

(My laptop died down on me for some days so I had been MIA. But am back now and cant wait to see what all of yoo have been upto. Smile!!!)

Jun 2, 2010

Colors Are Always Beautiful!!!

I got my tattoo colored finally, and I am all the more in love with it...wink!!! All my love to Arun for bringing my angel alive.

Tattoo artist: Arun Baghel, Vector Ink Studio, Delhi.

May 30, 2010

Sunday Makes My Heart Gay

I wish I could create what I design...I am all for layerings and deconstruction and silhouettes and wraps and everything beautiful in my head.

partly self inspired, 2008

May 12, 2010

So Crazy Is This...


Had this piece of knit fabric in my shelf for a year so finally decided to explore more with the shreds (I confess I got obsessed with shreds since the last experience), and since I don't own a sewing machine I had to stitch it all with my hands to make a snug was torturous!!! Then I ended up dabbing paints on it using the bottom of a candle and a chopstick...that was fun!!! I love how the three strips on the shoulder came out with the tassels. Well, I still have to think up what would go with it. Any suggestions???

Apr 30, 2010

Through The Rain & Stormiest Weather

Just when I thought its over
You come around, love
Making the world wild,
The fire only you can tame!!!

I enjoy snapping flowers in my sister's garden; also enjoy painting on anything: my cutest DIY.

Apr 23, 2010

A Bright Sunny Day For Work!!!

Of course, I didn't go to work dressed like this!!!

tee shirt: had painted it in school...can't believe my sister still had it with her for more than 10 years...
skirt: off-shoulder top that I cropped into a skirt. Voila!!!
vest: recent purchase off flea market
accessories: from everywhere...just can't get enough of them...

Apr 19, 2010

Love Of My Life - The Secret!!!

I named my blog after my cute little pet Orchid - she is the most adorable thing in this whole world. I miss her terribly now, since my sister and her kids have practically adopted her ...but I get to see her as often. Muahhh...

Apr 17, 2010

Just Another Weekend.

Yeah...sometimes its fun to just sit back and enjoy it all...and sometimes you being the 'action' is better than fun...

Oh I decided to make this blog purely fashion-design-centric, and so now I have another blog for my photography and travel, which I am hoping will be another fun can visit:

Love to play around with images...anybody wants some cool stuff done with their images, contact me. Wink!!!

Apr 10, 2010

The Breeze Stood Still

Looks like summer is gonna come burning down on you, in this hot city I live. Nevertheless, been out in the sun quite a lot and enjoying it.

Continuation of the fallen angel.

Apr 8, 2010

Running Behind Light Is Magical

It wasn't a bad day though...I wanted to get myself a pair of cool shoes but just couldn't find what I was looking for. So ended up buying a pair of simple flats to go with every outfit. And also other miscellaneous items for the house which I think I won't be using them at a later stage. Impulsive purchase isn't good.

Was in the mood for a little bit of self-photography and with the help of photoshop, I think I like what i see. Smiles!!!

Apr 7, 2010

Original Can Become You

It was like a different world altogether...calm, peaceful, laid-back and colorful. I had not imagined a small hilly town like Mcleodganj would accommodate so many people from all over the world, making all feel at home. (Almost) Everybody had a smile on their faces which initially amazed me, as I was accustomed to rude and impolite people in the city. The tranquility rubs on you.

Such are two different worlds co-existing.

I had snapped some hairdos there, for somebody's purpose. But now coming back and going through them reminds me of my dreadlocks I had four years back. Oh I miss them.

You just can't seem to get enough of them.

Mar 31, 2010

Higher We Fly

Some white stones I got from my sister's mini garden and painted them - she highly demands some personalized unique paperweights in her office.

Going away for a while this the hills...can't wait to spread my wings and soar, like they say it!!!

Mar 28, 2010

If Not For Fun!!!

We had an amazing night dancing away to all music…hip-hop, house, electronic, bhangra and bollywood (yeechh)…Its crazy how Saturday nights can be really CRAZY. However there’s a sad part to 5 star discos – the superficial, pretentious, show-off arrogant so-called ‘upper class’ crowd. How more fake can you be!!! They would come in their jazziest cars, in their designer clothes, sipping on the most expensive cocktails and wine and yet glare at you ‘cos you may look or dress a little different from them. It’s depressing how ignorant and puny their brains are when it comes to embracing things outside their realm, of understanding of the world.

I think I have always preferred a smaller warmer clubs tucked away in some corner, where people are real and friendlier. And you are not bothered whether you are being scrutinised ‘cos you really aren’t, at such places.

But the fun part was the ‘click click’ that went on before we left.

The cheesiest pose ever...and out-dated!!! But we did it, being girls that we are.

My friend who always manages to look good in anything...even in the simplest of clothes.

Wearing my DIY headband, pouch-belt I got from goa years back, and of course my newly-painted boots.