Jul 15, 2010


One dark day, I picked up my untouched pencil and started drawing lines...and shapes...this is after years
and years of abandoning my passion for drawing. I thought I have lost it.

I love Manga art but I think its what everybody has been doing it...so I have always stayed away from it.
But my style is definitely similar to that...sex-appealing, adventurous and all about fantasy.


Eye said...

that´s so nice!!!! Great picture!!!!
I love drawing too... But I can´t draw mango, though I very liked to read them some years ago.
Of course I have that peace of hippie in me too.
I think, that is what many gypsy-bohémes have ;)
And that´s what we are, eh? ;)

Jonna said...

wow, you're talented! x

garakami said...

this is amazing! i thought i was the only one who had a thing for drawing the female anatomy. she looks like an amazon!

Lissa said...

Awesome dear. You should definitely pick up drawing again! xxx

Fernanda dauphine said...

WOW!! you're really good, you shouldn't have abandoned your passion! keep the good work!
I've got some drawings.. but I don't think they're half as good as this..

Ligeia said...

fantastic artwork!!

love it!

Ro said...

this draw is amazinG!
i hope i could use a pencil like u!