May 29, 2009

Street Style #1

I have been contemplating on posting street styles but honestly, taking the city I live in, it is a little more than difficult to come across people who stand out and look good and be original too. The problem here is you see many replicas of one another, unlike Bangalore and Bombay, where it is more cosmopolitan and multi-cultured. Yet, I shall continue my quest.

This is a photograph I took from my backdoor view. Love the sunset color.

Street style #1 - This is a picture of my sister which she sent some months back. I thought I should start my street style with something that I find trendy and amongst 'most-wanted' things on my list. I love that bohemian-ish bag with all the details, and her winter boots. Wish Delhi was that cold in winters, if it meant being able to wear such sexy boots!!! Love the whole look.Way to go 'sistah'!!!

May 16, 2009

Beautiful Girl!!!

Painting beautiful things randomly is such fun and a good way to relax too. And the satisfaction you feel with the end-product is really worth it just adds a smile to your face!!

May 13, 2009

Paper Cars

It was a hot evening and I already had plans to catch up with some friends over a drink. I know it is not very wise to take the local transportation wearing a short balloon skirt like this but for some few not-very-rich people like me who is yet to own a car (wish a sexy private plane) and yet loves to dress up to the occasion, sometimes I have to ignore some unwanted stares to look good. We all had a fun evening.

Love the sequin work on the black top, which was bought from a small store in Bombay.

May 12, 2009


The tee-shirt is finally done and wearable. I am working on another one at the moment. Bought this black suede belt from Goa. It looks really hippie.

May 11, 2009

Paint N Glass

“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.” - Jim Morrison, The Doors (1943 - 1971).

Painted windows should do just right for me. It was fun. Looking out for more inanimate objects to bear the brunt of my handiwork. (The silly window that divides my room and the rest of the world).


I have been to MIA and really, it wasn't that great. The weather's been really mischievous with all the sun and the heat and then the rain with some light hail storm and the tempestuous breeze and all the silk wool flying around - it was bautiful and I am not complaining. I did not do anything interesting though. Just took some lonesome photographs. Finally wearing the head band that I made last time. A friend complimented that it reminds her of Pocahontas. Oh the joy!!!