Aug 11, 2009

Shimla Moments!!!

Young and beautiful were we,
Escaping into the wilderness of our dreams.
Visions of you and me with music to fill our hearts.
Faraway we flew in our minds
Illusions for no tomorrow.

My short trip to Shimla this April. And some random shots that I feel came out well. Oh and I finally found out how to post large size images thanks to this site. It took me a long long time and finally succeeded through many trials and tribulations. And I am finally jumping with joy!!!

My beautiful niece who is an amazing model!!!

And of course the young and handsome Indian jawans on a drill!!!

Finally some cheerful happy mischievous faces!!!


Finally the much awaited shots I took this Holi some months back. It was fun with all the colors and laughter.

Aug 6, 2009

Hate Server Failed!!!

Some random designs created to be framed, supposedly.

I was going through some sites on the internet and came across a link which wouldn't open up. Instead it contained this long frustrated, agonized, heart-rending and grief-stricken message by a SERVER!!! I had to post it here as it just made me laugh and yet marvel at such a crazy idea. I don't know if it is common when some links fail but it was a torturous fun read!!! Enjoy!!!


The requested document does not live here anymore.
I tried everyting.
Even tried multi.
Nothing helped.

I'm really depressed about this.
You see, I'm just a web server...
-- here I am, brain the size of the universe,
trying to serve you a simple web page,
and then it doesn't even exist!
Where does that leave me?!
I mean, I don't even know you.
How should I know what you wanted from me?
You honestly think I can *guess*
what someone I don't even *know*
wants to find here?
Man, I'm so depressed I could just cry.
And then where would we be, I ask you?
It's not pretty when a web server cries.
And where do you get off telling me what to show anyway?
Just because I'm a web server,
and possibly a manic depressive one at that?
Why does that give you the right to tell me what to do?
I'm so depressed...
I think I'll crawl off into the trash can and decompose.
I mean, I'm gonna be obsolete in what, two weeks anyway?
What kind of a life is that?
Two effing weeks,
and then I'll be replaced by a .01 release,
that thinks it's God's gift to web servers,
just because it doesn't have some tiddly little
security hole with its HTTP POST implementation, or something.
I'm really sorry to burden you with all this,
I mean, it's not your job to listen to my problems,
and I guess it is my job to go and fetch web pages for you.
But I couldn't get this one.
I'm so sorry.
Believe me!
Maybe I could interest you in another page?
There are a lot out there that are pretty neat, they say,
although none of them were put on *my* server, of course.
Figures, huh?
Everything here is just mind-numbingly stupid.
That makes me depressed too, since I have to serve them,
all day and all night long.
Two weeks of information overload,
and then *pffftt*, consigned to the trash.
What kind of a life is that?
Now, please let me sulk alone.
I'm so depressed.

Aug 3, 2009

Indian Boho

Lately, I feel I have just been functioning like a robot remote-controlled by some jobless aimless inanimate being. My life seems to be at a standstill. I have to take a chance and get up and start living my life on my own terms before it's too late...before i vegetate like the rest of the robot-people.

To brighten up my spirit, I brightened up my wardrobe. I had this dress for a year now which was lying around untouched. So I cut it up, removed some unwanted parts, trimmed and stitched here and there and now it looks like a real boho chic skirt. wooohooo!!!

And oh yes the color is suppose to be purple, and not burgundy.LOL!!! I have done and killed red and pink too many times so maybe I will try blue next time.

Aug 1, 2009

Product Styling

I am finally posting some styling projects I did for Travel Plus magazine over the last few months. It was fun. Well I hope I get more opportunities to do fashion / lifestyle styling soon.

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