Aug 3, 2009

Indian Boho

Lately, I feel I have just been functioning like a robot remote-controlled by some jobless aimless inanimate being. My life seems to be at a standstill. I have to take a chance and get up and start living my life on my own terms before it's too late...before i vegetate like the rest of the robot-people.

To brighten up my spirit, I brightened up my wardrobe. I had this dress for a year now which was lying around untouched. So I cut it up, removed some unwanted parts, trimmed and stitched here and there and now it looks like a real boho chic skirt. wooohooo!!!

And oh yes the color is suppose to be purple, and not burgundy.LOL!!! I have done and killed red and pink too many times so maybe I will try blue next time.

1 comment:

Wandering Gypsy said...

Simply love the indian.would really do good out here.