Jun 26, 2009

Michael Jackson In Peace!!!

The sudden demise of Michael Jackson - The King of Pop - has left the world mourning for him gravely. I think he has managed to touch everybody's soul, from the poor to the rich, the young and the old, rockers to sentimentals, with his music and his spectacular performances and videos. I remember when I, as a kid, would save up every penny to buy his music tapes (cassettes then) or his posters or post cards. Those were the little joys and excitement!!! He played a good part in my growing up - it was always magical to watch his beautiful videos and watch him dance. He will be greatly missed!!!RIP!!!

Jun 24, 2009

Heat goes up!!!

In my head, I have been weaving some themes/look to be shot, just to entertain myself and also to enhance this blog of mine, but I have been procrastinating that. Kudos to all the bloggers who actually make an effort to work hard for their blogs. And they are definitely appreciated.

I usually do not list down the clothes I wear unless it's really worth it. The final look instantly reminded me of Elle Driver from Kill Bill, faintly. Maybe it's the long socks, which was actually a panty hose that I never wore. So cut them short and added the lace. Love the short red skirt though it's a little too dangerous for the crowd here. The photograph on the left was taken during my NIFT days and was originally black and white.

Jun 5, 2009

Come Together!!!

We never had to say goodbye
It was already written on the sand
As foot prints shied away
To be washed into the waves

Terrible at poetry I guess!!!
2 images juxtaposed - all experiments!!!Nothing more!!!