Feb 26, 2009


Just another leaf...just another winter passing by...

Feb 25, 2009

Dynamic Trip

I must have gone crazy today...tripping on these dynamic evolving fluid...well actually I finally got down to do some tee shirt painting and I was cleaning the brushes in a bowl of water...and behold I get this lovely effect...the next thing I know I am clicking away and was mesmerised by the slow motion and the forms it created...might eventually design something around it hopefully...

Summer Is Around The Corner

Some new purchases I made lately...could not resist them when I laid my eyes on them...however i usually dont wear very ethnic junk jewelleries so I did earn a halo by gifting them all to my sister...she's is as excited as ever...hmmm...I might try them out one day though...


I had purchased some ribbons a week back...was thinking of working on some invites (though still nothing on that as yet)...so today I got into the mood of doing some styling shots at home (if yoo would call these that!!!)...but somehow i like the way the images came out - soft and dreamy.

Feb 14, 2009

A Poppy for my Orchid

I realised, lately, that I am turning into a recluse...a loner...and I have not interacted socially as I am suppose to...guess that's what causing a dysfunctional brain in my head...haha...and sadly nothing inspirational has occured either...

Feb 2, 2009

Window Shopping

Went window shopping today and tried on a flashy white jacket of knee length that really looked chic surprisingly. Unfortunately it was 1 size smaller and they had just that piece. Since I am not very brand conscious, the clothes I wore today were picked from here and there; not that exciting for some people I must say. But it's fun.

Feb 1, 2009


A little too busy these days, but I manage to get lost in my thoughts sometimes.