Mar 29, 2009

Rain Makes Me Moody Good

Last night was raining beautiful and crazy for about an hour. And since it was 'save the Earth' day too, I also volunteered to switch out the lights for an hour and felt connected as ONE with the World. This is taken through my window which looks very dramatic owing to the streetlamps and the romantic dance of the swaying trees to the powerful rain.
Anyway, this morning's paper had an interesting article on this unknown US based graphic animator called Nina Paley who has come up with an inspiring animation called 'Sita Sings the Blues'. I just had to google her instantly.

Pitter patter on my window sill.

Everything under the Sun

It's cold. It's warm. It's chilly. It's windy. It's hot. It's gloomy. It's everything at the moment. Except rain. And when that thought just came to my mind it started pouring heavy tonight all of a sudden. This is how the weather is at the moment. In Delhi. And what's bizarre is this weather just wouldn't let you make up your mind whether you should dress warm (and when you do that the sun suddenly scorches down on you!) or wear something light (and the sun just wouldn't show up!). So I have been playing it safe by ingeniously dressing up to tackle any of these maddening climatic transformation - by simply throwing in some light and warm clothes together. Bet everybody is doing just that!
This is a beautiful handmade scarf from China. It's somewhat got weight because of the extensive detailed and intricate bead work. And though it looks very sophisticated, I can do it up to look casual at times.

This is what I wore out yesterday to meet some friends. The weather was gloomy throughout and by the time I was home, there was a slight drizzle of rain. Well, I got my shorts and a white shirt in case it gets hot, and my leg warmers and this exquisite scarf to keep me handy for the cool breeze.

Mar 23, 2009

Crimson Light

I know its a little too much but I just love the crimson luminance from my night lamp, and so I went 'click click' late last night all by myself. And I just didn't have to work on the photographs at all. It's amazing how colours can transform the world.

Mar 22, 2009

Snow White

It was a sunny morning when I woke up and had the whole day to myself. So I thought why not do the one thing thats been on my mind for a couple of days - go shoe shopping!!!Now let me tell you that I usually go for anything in flats - funky but flat shoes. But lately, this thought of owning a pair of them sexy high heels has been raging in my head over and over, and I thought 'why not?'. It took me the whole day, not forgetting irking many salesmen from many many stores before I finally landed on this gorgeous from Mango. It was exorbitantantly priced (according to me) but I just could not deny myself such a beauty. It should be worth the buy. Hopefully.

Mar 19, 2009

Pretty Frills

It was on-the-spot visualisation that prompted me to make this frilly butter roses headgear last night. Its the first attempt so its somewhat tacky. Well, all I have to do now is get various materials and experiment more. I already have an idea for a crazy neck piece that should convince me to go to Chandni Chowk one fine day to pick up beautiful beads and knick-knacks. Hey, fun just got started!!!
Reminds me of Little Bo Peep.

Mar 17, 2009

Black or Colour?

Started painting on this tee two weeks back (too many breaks in between), still not done completely. Thinking of adding a touch of a bright colour (red or pink) here and there...hmmm...not too sure 'cos I think all black is just fine. Open to suggestions.

Damn! (all apologies for the swear word)!!! I just wish I knew how to really really post large-size images. This is really taking away my joy. Will somebody help me?

Yellow Leaves

Untill I figure out how to post large-size images, I guess I have to be contented with whatever is available...quite sad!!! Summer is nearly here. This kind of in-between weather really makes me lazy and just wanna lounge around in my pjs...therefore the slowdown in fashion posts...but on the other hand my hands just can't get enough of clicking anything and everything...I think I just discovered one of my many true passions.

Love the colour of the leaves in yellow street light - almost dream-like.

Mar 11, 2009

Happy Holi

I am in love these days...head over heels in love with this movie called KEITH, starring Jesse McCartney and Elisabeth Harnois. I have seen it 3 days in a row...and listening to the soundtrack back to back for days on youtube. Its a movie just right for teens...for people who has lost love...who has found love...who is looking for love...I think it made me feel depressed in a good made me want to go back to my younger carefree days and fall in love all over again...and Jesse just stole my heart away...hmmm...if only I was still 16 he would have been my hero...

Today is Holi...the Hindu festival for colours. I got some shots of my little niece and nephew playing with their also little little friends...will post them soon. Anyways the picture below is onion roots which was growing in a small jar of water...looks like some seaweed.

Mar 1, 2009

Sunny Morning

Its the first day of the third month of this year 2009. I woke up with an upbeat feeling but the first thing I get in my mail box is an invite to a mourning. Now this is not the usual death of a person to be mourned but of an old strongly-bonded relationship that came to an end...rather deceased...though this end happened quite some time back i never thought it would be declared publicly and also be observed. However I appreciate the fact that it has been CREATIVELY organised and somehow added a little bit of light-fun-optimistic-humour angle to it. My heartiest best wishes to them their now-seperate journeys and search for a more happy prospectives in life...and hope this will encourage all relationships to be approached in a positive and productive spirit.
I know the visual below has no relevance to what I wrote above but I already had in mind to post this photograph I took of a clothesline last night, and was in the middle of it when I received this invite. And I just couldnt locate an appropriate image so decided to go ahead with it anyway. Well, everybody is free to interpret it or correlate them both. BE INNOVATIVE.