Mar 11, 2009

Happy Holi

I am in love these days...head over heels in love with this movie called KEITH, starring Jesse McCartney and Elisabeth Harnois. I have seen it 3 days in a row...and listening to the soundtrack back to back for days on youtube. Its a movie just right for teens...for people who has lost love...who has found love...who is looking for love...I think it made me feel depressed in a good made me want to go back to my younger carefree days and fall in love all over again...and Jesse just stole my heart away...hmmm...if only I was still 16 he would have been my hero...

Today is Holi...the Hindu festival for colours. I got some shots of my little niece and nephew playing with their also little little friends...will post them soon. Anyways the picture below is onion roots which was growing in a small jar of water...looks like some seaweed.

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