Mar 29, 2009

Everything under the Sun

It's cold. It's warm. It's chilly. It's windy. It's hot. It's gloomy. It's everything at the moment. Except rain. And when that thought just came to my mind it started pouring heavy tonight all of a sudden. This is how the weather is at the moment. In Delhi. And what's bizarre is this weather just wouldn't let you make up your mind whether you should dress warm (and when you do that the sun suddenly scorches down on you!) or wear something light (and the sun just wouldn't show up!). So I have been playing it safe by ingeniously dressing up to tackle any of these maddening climatic transformation - by simply throwing in some light and warm clothes together. Bet everybody is doing just that!
This is a beautiful handmade scarf from China. It's somewhat got weight because of the extensive detailed and intricate bead work. And though it looks very sophisticated, I can do it up to look casual at times.

This is what I wore out yesterday to meet some friends. The weather was gloomy throughout and by the time I was home, there was a slight drizzle of rain. Well, I got my shorts and a white shirt in case it gets hot, and my leg warmers and this exquisite scarf to keep me handy for the cool breeze.

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