Mar 22, 2009

Snow White

It was a sunny morning when I woke up and had the whole day to myself. So I thought why not do the one thing thats been on my mind for a couple of days - go shoe shopping!!!Now let me tell you that I usually go for anything in flats - funky but flat shoes. But lately, this thought of owning a pair of them sexy high heels has been raging in my head over and over, and I thought 'why not?'. It took me the whole day, not forgetting irking many salesmen from many many stores before I finally landed on this gorgeous from Mango. It was exorbitantantly priced (according to me) but I just could not deny myself such a beauty. It should be worth the buy. Hopefully.


namrata said...

OMG! they are amazing!

Shilpi Boylla said...

These are very nice penn!

greenjunkee said...

super cool shoes :P