Mar 1, 2009

Sunny Morning

Its the first day of the third month of this year 2009. I woke up with an upbeat feeling but the first thing I get in my mail box is an invite to a mourning. Now this is not the usual death of a person to be mourned but of an old strongly-bonded relationship that came to an end...rather deceased...though this end happened quite some time back i never thought it would be declared publicly and also be observed. However I appreciate the fact that it has been CREATIVELY organised and somehow added a little bit of light-fun-optimistic-humour angle to it. My heartiest best wishes to them their now-seperate journeys and search for a more happy prospectives in life...and hope this will encourage all relationships to be approached in a positive and productive spirit.
I know the visual below has no relevance to what I wrote above but I already had in mind to post this photograph I took of a clothesline last night, and was in the middle of it when I received this invite. And I just couldnt locate an appropriate image so decided to go ahead with it anyway. Well, everybody is free to interpret it or correlate them both. BE INNOVATIVE.