Sep 29, 2009

Sky Is The Limit!!!

Picked up some cheap canvas shoes from Bata store and painted them colorful. I just cant wait to do more!!!

Sep 27, 2009

Beautiful India!!!

Location: Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

Rust and Gold!!!

Fresh and cool breeze.
People with brimful of innocence.
Simplicity couldn't get more reassuring.
Colors were for everyone - young and old.
Vibrant in a rustic world.
Even a day's existence in this beauty is a blessing.

Except for the many poor dogs being run over by cars and trucks recklessly. The ignorant illiterate irresponsible people should not be given the license to drive and kill!!! I protest!!!

Explored a minor rural part of Madhya Pradesh. It was beautiful. From the local markets to the vast plantation fields and the greeneries around. Spent a day at a small town called Jhabua and then 3 days at Maheshwar (famous for Maheshwari silk). Visited the exquisite forts of the Hindu and the Moghul eras at Mandu which is on the mountain top. History is amazing!!!

Sep 20, 2009

Cobain For You.Peace '96!!!

This is an old painting of Kurt Cobain I had done back in 1996. I was a real Old School Rock babe then I guess...I miss them music now!!!

The latest excitement is that I am accompanying a good friend, who is teaching at NIFT Delhi, to a craft cluster trip to the rural parts of Madhya Pradesh, where we will learn first-hand about the tribals craftsmanship in the purest form. We leave tomorrow evening by train. I hope to get more photography done. More updates next week. Ciao!!!

Sep 12, 2009

I am Free!!!

Well I am finally doing things my way. Life's just gettin better!!!

More Shimla photos for nostalgia!!!