Sep 27, 2009

Rust and Gold!!!

Fresh and cool breeze.
People with brimful of innocence.
Simplicity couldn't get more reassuring.
Colors were for everyone - young and old.
Vibrant in a rustic world.
Even a day's existence in this beauty is a blessing.

Except for the many poor dogs being run over by cars and trucks recklessly. The ignorant illiterate irresponsible people should not be given the license to drive and kill!!! I protest!!!

Explored a minor rural part of Madhya Pradesh. It was beautiful. From the local markets to the vast plantation fields and the greeneries around. Spent a day at a small town called Jhabua and then 3 days at Maheshwar (famous for Maheshwari silk). Visited the exquisite forts of the Hindu and the Moghul eras at Mandu which is on the mountain top. History is amazing!!!

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