Jul 25, 2009

White Weekend!!!

It was a damn working day on an off weekend!!! Just screwed up my whole 'chill-out weekend' plans. And I had to work late too - left work at 20.00...can u believe it??? So I have decided to make it up by visiting the usual hair spa tomorrow. I am mischievously thinking of a color.

This is what i was about to wear to work today (rebelliously casual) but changed my mind as the weather got a little too breezy for this flimsy tunic. So I wore a slightly longer black tunic instead which didn't look that great. So no snapshot of that. Oh and I have to admit that I am in this phase of spotting the Whites wherever I go - white shoes, white shirts, white belts, white skirts...reason why I haven't bought anything recently, since I don't want to end up with a one-color wardrobe yet I end up falling for all the whites at the stores.

The neck beads are antiques belonging to one of our ancient-ancient Naga cultures (I will confirm the name soon) and it is beautiful. And this flat sandals are a recent purchase. It was too pretty for the price.
Ignore my ugly feet!!!

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Wandering Gypsy said...

Oooooh i love your yellow dress...cute but stylish.it goes so well with the sandals.